THE WILD WITHIN: Reclaiming The Feminine Heart

With Katrina Elkins

30 Sept 2017, 1 to 4pm, $55 (scholarships available)

FIND the spark and fuel the FIRE of your heart.  

The WILD WITHIN carries the energy of rest, transformation, and stillness in order to allow space for PLAY, PLEASURE, AND JOY in your daily life. 


Do you tend to gravitate towards men and shy away from sisterhood?  You are not alone. The fears, blocks, and stress of sisterhood are real. Cultivating a strong bond with authentic women allows you to connect to yourself in a new way, opening up more time for sex, laughter, cooking, writing, singing, and being outdoors. 


In community of sisterhood, you can LET GO of overwhelming life circumstances and responsibilities. FIND ease in your daily routine with caring for kids and/or aging parents. RELEASE pain with gastroinstinial issues, hips, shoulders, or neck. 


Do you retreat from those you love the most? Are you afraid to cry or experience all emotions? ALLOW the wisdom of your heart to grow while you allow yourself to receive the bounty of your love, basking in your divine perfection, amd finding the wisdom of your body. 

While in deep rest, you will let go of trapped emotions with the breath, pranayama. The addition of heart-opening music, and energy work creates profound breaththroughs. Katrina Elkins-breath coach, somatic healer, and best selling spiritual author has helped women to let go of the old pains and traumas and align with their truth and dreams. 

She completed her Breath Of Love practitioner training in July and has already led hundreds of women through life changing transformations. 

SPACE IS LIMITED to 20 women. Yoga experience not required. 

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Yin Experience

with Shawnda Noone and Rosemary Ponnekanti

14 Oct, 1 to 4pm, $35


Slowly unravel and surrender to the nourishment of your breath and the quiet power that is Yin Yoga. Yin yoga allows you to explore the levels of depth that are connected to the inner workings of the body, mind, and breath. By allowing our bodies to linger in stillness, poses may be held anywhere from two to ten minutes, we begin to stimulate and target the deeper connective tissues in the body and activate our parasympathetic nervous system.

During our time together we will move in resonance with the breath and the live classical music that will fill the space. We will slowly shape shift in a way that provides the spaciousness for you to explore the deeper layers of self that linger beneath your surface.

Gentle assists and light touch with essential oils will accompany this experience (optional).


Expect to receive an introduction of the overview of yin yoga; it's history, physical benefits, and why the breath plays an essential part for this practice. Following this, we will begin to move through the yin practice by the guidance of Shawnda Noone and live music by Rosemary Ponnekanti. You will leave this experience feeling spacious in your body, mind, and breath. Dress cozy, bring a mat, water, and a journal if this suits you and join us for an experience like no other.

About Shawnda-
In her early twenties Shawnda began her journey of self exploration through the practice of Mediation and soon after she was re-introduced to the asana (yoga) practice. In 2015 Shawnda ventured to Bali where she received her 200 RYT Certification under the guidance of Meghan Currie. Shortly after she was introduced to the teachings of Reanna Costa, whom she received her Yin & Chakra certification from in late 2015. Since then she has worked closely with Reanna Costa, E-500 RYT, with whom she continues to assists and co-teaches with at Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings in Canada. In addition to sharing her knowledge and passion for yin at trainings, she has taught various Yin workshops and events around Washington and Canada and can be found at local studios for regular offerings.  During her classes, Shawnda loves to combine her passion for words and metaphors, philosophy, breath work, meditation, silly jokes, and integrated movement; encouraging each student to tap into their power and mindfully shape-shift in a way that is nurturing for their body. She creates a space where each person is able to explore their own unique experience and the depths they may encounter, all while feeling supported with whatever it is you may uncover. Ultimately Shawnda believes that this is your practice and she gratefully has the honor to move through it with you, with the intention that it not only feels delicious in your body, but expansive on all levels.

About Rosemary-
Rosemary Ponnekanti has been playing double bass ever since she fell in love with its chocolatey sound as a teenager. Her career has included music degrees at Melbourne University, Australia and the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Holland, as well as professional playing with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and more. She also plays piano, organ and flute. Rosemary has practiced yoga for 20 years and is now exploring how combining live- recorded bass loops with improvisation can help the bass's low vibrations deepen the yoga experience.

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Pain-Free Yoga: The Biomechanics of Mindful Movement

with Kevin C. Moore

21 October 2017, 1 to 6pm, $148 (early bird: $128 before 13 October 2017)

Some people practice yoga for the sweat, the challenge and the opportunity to test their physical limitations; others do it to take back control of their breath and body from a stressful world.

Whatever your objective, pain shouldn't prevent you from pursuing it.

This workshop offers simple solutions to the common problems arising from a devoted yoga practice: from wrist and shoulder pain in chaturanga to lingering low back pain after camel pose. These things—along with many other aches and apprehensions—can be eliminated through the integration of a few simple rules of biomechanics.

ln this 5-hour workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Increase range in the hips, knees and ankles—without painful stretching
  • Eliminate pain in the wrist, elbow and shoulder during planks and inversions
  • Reduce neck tension and hold the head high with ease
  • Increase thoracic rotation during twisting poses
  • Find a deeper, longer savasana by increasing airflow to the lungs

This is an active workshop plus lecture; participants should come prepared to move and take notes. This event is open to attendees of all experience levels.

Kevin C. Moore has over a decade of experience as an instructor and master trainer of human movement. Kevin focused his early career in physics and biochemistry, but left the STEM fields in 2004 to pursue a career in professional dance and stage performance. He certified in STOTT Pilates in 2005, studying under Melanie Byford-Young, and later accepted a teaching/mentorship position in Istanbul, Turkey under Master Trainer Erda Gudul. He moved to Hong Kong in 2011, where he founded the Reembody Method (2013).

Kevin is the founder of the Reembody Method™, a physics-based movement modality that now has apprentices all over the world. He is a certified BTS Master Trainer through the EBFA, and a frequent presenter in their medical webinar series. Kevin’s writing and work has been featured on CNN, the Huffington Post, the Daily HIIT and the South China Morning Post. He has worked with Dr. Emily Splichal, Dr. Perry Nicholson, the US Women’s Fencing Team, Amber Evangeline Rogers, and Chuck Wolf, among others. He is a co-founder of New Body Ethic, an American-based non-profit aimed at creating a culture of responsible fitness. He is an accredited CEC provider with the NASM, ASCM and NSCA.

Kevin differentiates himself from other health-and-wellness experts in one striking way: he is all about building up, not tearing down. Fear is a powerful engine for profit, particularly in the fitness industry; “health” blogs are full of taut bodies and empty promises. Kevin will never pander to people’s basest fears in this way. His philosophy is simple: every body is astonishing, just as it is—and true health stems from understanding how your body works.

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8-week mindfulness based pain management

with Anne Arntson

Wednesdays 6 Sept- 25 Oct, 9am to 11am, $175

The Breathworks® Mindfulness for Health signature course provides an extremely effective and elegant mind-body approach to healing for people dealing with the potentially hugely-eroding effects of chronic pain and illness in their lives.

It is a simple eight-week program of mindfulness-based practices that is specifically designed for people suffering from persistent pain, illness or the stress associated with these or other conditions. The course consists of 8 weekly 2:30 hour classes. In addition, participants receive a workbook and audio files to support their daily practice and exploration. The work takes just ten to twenty minutes per day and the course has been shown to be as effective as prescription painkillers to soothe some of the most common causes of pain. These mindfulness-based practices soothe the brain’s pain networks, while also significantly reducing the anxiety, stress, exhaustion, irritability, and depression that often accompanies chronic pain and illness.

In addition, chronic pain can be extremely isolating, the community aspect of this course proves to be a tremendous resource for participants.

Whether they experience back pain, arthritis, or migraines, are recovering from surgery, suffering from fibromyalgia, celiac disease, or undergoing chemotherapy, participantsquickly learn to manage their pain and live life fully once again.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is suitable for anyone living with pain, illness or stress that is impacting on their health. It has shown to be extremely beneficial for the following conditions:  chronic back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, post-operative pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, CFS/ME, neuropathies, Parkinson’s disease, and many other types of pain and illness. Each week on this eight-week course you will learn new strategies and approaches within a warm and friendly group setting.

Courses are limited to a maximum of 12 participants, classes are 2:00 hours each.

Help from your employer

We have found that some employers will release people from work to attend our courses, and in some cases will pay for them. If you wish to approach your employer for time off or for funding, we will be happy to provide a letter to verify your course arrangements and attendance, and arrange suitable payment arrangements if required.

Course homework

Participants are encouraged to complete guided meditations twice daily at home and exercises designed to bring mindfulness, ease and joy into their daily lives. You will be provided with a home practice handbook as well as CDs or downloadable files for the meditation recordings.

Fee: $175. (Scholarships are available. Please apply here.)

Please purchase a copy of  You are not your Pain by Vydiamala Burch and Danny Penman prior to beginning the course. 

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Nurture Your Body, Mind, and Baby: A 6-week Prenatal Yoga Series

with Erika Davis

Sundays 10 Sept - 15 Oct, 4pm to 5:30pm, $80, $100, or $200 (Sliding scale) Three Full scholarships available. Apply here

Nurture Your Mind
Throughout the series, we will spend quiet time in brief periods of meditation, focusing on breath awareness and mind-body connection. We will address some of the common concerns and hopes that come with pregnancy, labor, and birth while providing resources and tools to use during the labor and birth process.

Nurture Your Body
Traditional yoga postures and poses will be adjusted for the pregnant body. Poses are designed to be both gentle yet challenging to allow you to experiment with and realize the strength and capabilities of your amazing human body. Postures are designed to strengthen and to relieve some of the discomforts of pregnancy. This series will also provide you with tools to use for labor and birth.

Nurture Your Baby
You will be encouraged to send love to your baby and to hug your baby throughout each class to encourage the bonding process.

Common Questions about Prenatal Yoga

Who is this series for?
This series is for anyone who is pregnant. Some people come in their first trimester and others come in their second trimester or third trimester. Whichever time you come is the right time.

Do I need to have yoga experience?
No, you do not need to have any prior experience to take this series.

What do I need to bring to class?
I encourage pregnant people to eat a light snack at least one hour before class and to bring snacks and water with them to have during class. Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move freely. You can bring a towel if you like as well as a yoga mat, although the studio does have yoga mats and props for use.

I’m not planning a natural birth, should I still take this series?
Yes! Anyone who is pregnant can benefit from the relaxing, strength-building, and pain-relieving aspects of prenatal yoga.

Erika K. Davis came to yoga quite by happenstance while studying literature in Toledo, Ohio in the early 2000s. She attended a yoga class at the University's rec center and fell in love. Since then yoga has been a part of Erika’s life that she would turn to in times of need. A desire to foster inclusive yoga spaces for people of color, LGBTQIA folks and bodies of all sizes lead her to embark on a journey towards certification at 8 Limbs Yoga Center in Seattle, WA. 

Erika truly believes that yoga is for everyone. She aims to provide students with a solid base in alignment and breathing techniques with the hope that students walk away with a sense of strength, comfort in their bodies and joy both on and off the yoga mat.

Erika completed her 200hr YTT at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle, WA where she also trained as a prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor. She is currently enrolled in the 500hr YTT. Erika is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS). Erika is a child birth educator and a birth and postpartum doula.

When she’s not teaching or supporting birthing people you can find Erika in her Central Tacoma front yard tending her vegetable garden, planting too many poppy plants, and waiting for her 6 new chickens to lay eggs. Erika lives with her wife, their two cats and spoiled dog.

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Slow Yoga: A Healing Practice for Body and Mind

with Najeea Leslie

15 Sept - 31 Oct, Tuesdays 9:30 to 11am

$115 for all 8 classes, $80 for 5 classes

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Slow Yoga is intended to enhance resilience as we grow older. The heart of this work is a gentle and therapeutic approach to self-care using mindfulness, movement, meditation and breath. Najeea has designed these practices, by combining ease of movement with fullness of breath, to support well-being and avoid injury while becoming more flexible, balanced and stable in body and mind. 

This is a very slow and gentle class emphasizing practices that serve us well in daily life like settling the mind, increasing awareness of body and breath, moving with ease and softening the hardness of stress held in vulnerable areas like the neck, shoulders and jaws. Central to this work is exploring how to use the legs, deep abdominals, pelvic floor and upper body in a powerful but gentle way to allow a sense of being grounded and strong yet relaxed and open. Slow Yoga is beneficial for those dealing with chronic issues related to health conditions, injuries, pain, stress, fatigue, back or joint problems and limitations due to age or other factors. 

The group size is limited to foster a supportive community feeling and allow for individual attention. Each practice is adjusted for the safety and needs of the people in the group. Slow Yoga is offered as a series class and no experience is necessary.

The Slow Yoga class space is meant to be a fragrance free environment to accommodate those in the group who experience allergies or chemical sensitivities. Kindly avoid wearing any fragrance or perfume including scented products or lotions and clothes washed in scented laundry detergents or dryer sheets when you come to class. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

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