SKY is proud to be the puget sound's only non-profit yoga community.

Since 2010, we have provided a safe haven for all people to experience the healing power of yoga, we’ve invited people to be in relationship with their bodies, calm their mind, and reconnect with their spirit. It is with heavy hearts that we announce that we will be closing the studio on March 24th. please see the email sent to our community below.

Dear SKY Community,

On March 7, 2018, a sub-group of our Greater Leadership Team (comprised of co-founders, co-directors, board members, and finance contributors) consulted with a non-profit lawyer in order to gain perspective on the tasks of closing SKY, to ask questions, and to hear an outside opinion on the state of our business. He took a look at our finances and advised us to close as soon as possible. The lawyer we met with on March 7th was not the only consultant the leadership has reached out to for help during this long financial crisis. We have consulted with a senior finance manager of a large Tacoma non-profit and a non-profit business/board consultant. These and countless informal meetings and experts that have heard us have contributed to our final decision to close the doors effective March 24th.

What Does This Mean?

  • Depending on the availability of teachers willing to volunteer their time to teach, classes will remain as scheduled through March 24th - please refer to the online schedule daily to confirm.
  • Pamela Higley, SKY co-founder, is teaching our final Community Class on Saturday, March 24th.
  • We will be hosting a flash sale for the remaining items in the studio to help with the costs of closing the studio after Pamela's class on Saturday, March 24th.
  • All workshops have been canceled and refunds will be issued by the end of March.
  • The Cacao Ceremonies will be changing location and all registered participants will be contacted directly by Michelle.
  • All Outreach Partners can reach out to Tawni directly with questions.

We would like to acknowledge that this may come as a shock to many of you reading this. We wish that the outcome was different, but realize that despite our best efforts this decision is the best. We hope to see you in the studio over the next few weeks. We hope that our Partners in Healing will keep their memberships through the end of the month to help cover our closing costs. We encourage you to come to our Flash Sale to buy a "piece of SKY" (and to help cover our closing costs) on March 24th. We encourage you to come celebrate with us in the studio on March 24th.

Thank you for all of your love and support over the last 7+ years.

In gratitude,

The SKY Leadership Team