SKY is proud to be the puget sound's only non-profit yoga community.

Since 2010, we have provided a safe haven for all people to experience the healing power of yoga, we’ve invited people to be in relationship with their bodies, calm their mind, and reconnect with their spirit.

We think that yoga is a practice that anyone can do to become healthier and more integrated in body, mind, and spirit. We believe that no Body is too old, young, big, small, poor, privileged, immobile, well, or unwell to benefit from this healing practice. 

Our Mission and vision is to empower people of all incomes and abilities towards lives of joy, peace and purpose through the love, connection, and mutual healing that yoga inspires.

We accomplish this through affordable, accessible yoga offered in our studio space; specialized yoga programs for folks with particular needs; and yoga outreach programs that bring yoga to people who are not able to visit us.

To us, yoga is more than just a physical movement in your body, at SKY we aim to incorporate all 8 limbs of yoga into our practice and our mission as a non-profit; a commitment to nonviolence, truthfulness, spiritual awareness, positive energy, self reflection and meditation name a handful of the limbs of yoga that inspire our mission to make the healing power of yoga accessible to all people.

When I am at SKY, I never feel negatively judged or limited because of my income or physical abilities, as I am a beginner. I am deeply moved by the community aspect here...feel very welcomed and respected here. I see diversity as well, and I also see that we all have things in common, such as searching for peace, or healing, or grounding. Maybe a connection to a Higher Power, maybe a connection to the self. Either way, I see it all, and feel a sense of unity while at SKY. It is my favorite place to come...

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