I always appreciate an opportunity for a David Bowie reference. (May he rest in peace.) And there’s no time like Spring to reference this particular song, a time when the world changes right before our very eyes. Daffodils that are closed tight in the morning are opened by lunch, rainbows appear as if out of nowhere, and cherry blossoms bloom overnight.

We’ve been moving and continue to move through some changes at the studio. One big change is that Kate has transitioned out of her role as co-director, after many years of service in leadership, and into the role of staff teacher.  Our long-time community member and accounting goddess, Emilie, is adjusting to the sudden loss of her partner. Our long-time teacher Heidi is finding her footing as the director of Yoga Soleil in Puyallup, while continuing to teach here. And we’re of course working on the summer schedule (current class schedule goes through end of May) and the changes it will bring.

My favorite phrase from David Bowie’s afore-referenced song is “stream of warm impermanence”. Despite the fact that we live in a physical world that is constantly changing, we just as constantly forget that the nature of all things is to change, transform, and renew. (How humorous that even our awareness of impermanence is impermanent!)

What does it mean to be in the stream of impermanence? I know sometimes I want to climb right on out of the stream, plop down on the riverbank and make like a stone. As if resisting change slows it in any way. Even the stone that appears to be stable was once just grains of sand, and is slowly being worn away by sun and water and air.

I had a step-mother for a time who used to say to me, “Don’t fight the current baby – you’re gonna lose.” My 12-year old self knew she was right and it’s been proven over and over again. So, for me, being in the stream of impermanence means trusting the current. Knowing that things change and transform because they must. Remembering that we can both honor transition AND keep moving forward. Resting in the wisdom that everything and everyone is in a constant state of becoming.

Thank you for being co-creators of the constant becoming that is the SKY community. The stream of impermanence is most certainly warmer for having all of you in it.




Some things to put on your radar:

2 April, 4 to 5pm – Once monthly Kirtan

8 April, 1 to 4pm – Unique You with Linden Griffiths

29 April, 1 to 4pm, Restorative Alchemy with Sara Corbishley

5 June, 8pm, An Evening with Girish

Episode 17 of the podcast is up!

We’ll have a reduced schedule over Memorial Day weekend and our summer schedule will begin June 1st.

Give Big Month begins June 22nd and Yoga in the Park will be on July 22nd!