Give Big Month Update + August Break

Thank you does not feel sufficient and yet it is the phrase that our language provides. We are filled to the brim with gratitude for the generosity and kindness of our community who responded in a big way to our ask to reallocate your resources of time, energy, and money towards the co-creation of connection, love, and mutual healing here at SKY.

As our dear resident wise woman and healer, Najeea, said at Yoga in the Park, "Love is what we're up to!". And we have felt the love. As of today, we have raised nearly $18,000 (and it's still coming in)! That is more, by a lot, than we have ever raised in any single event in our nearly 6 year history. Donations came in from our local community in Tacoma, across the United States, and as far away as from the UK and Korea.

As you know, our goal was to raise $25,000 during Give Big Month and not make another ask for the rest of the year. We didn't quite make it, which means there will be another ask coming before our fiscal year ends, but we did accomplish what we set out to do: the fulfillment of our vision and mission in the very way we asked for and raised money for the fulfillment of our vision and mission. Kate and I made a promise to each other that we would uphold our values of joy, peace, and purpose in EVERYTHING we did during Give Big Month. That we would ask from a place of love and sufficiency, rather than fear and lack, and that we would take even better care of ourselves during this busy time. We committed to shutting of electronics by 9:30pm, to additional regular weekly spiritual practice, and to asking for what we each needed and giving only what we could freely give. 

It worked! It was a busy month, and a joyful one. There were many tasks, as well as space for undoing. We had SO MUCH FUN! And Yoga in the Park was a peaceful day of community, practice, and connection. All this to say: we're thrilled with how this month went. And we are grateful to be held by this family of big hearts. 

And now, we rest! The studio will be closed from July 31 through August 6 (with the exception of iRest Yoga Nidra) so that staff can rejuvenate and spend time with friends and family. When we restructured the leadership model of the studio at the beginning of last year, one of the commitments we made was to pay yoga teachers well. We are so proud to say that we were able to prioritize paying our teachers even during this week off, which is unheard of in the yoga industry. Taking time off for a yoga teacher - an essential part of being able to show up for students - has always meant a loss of income. So, please know that your support not only makes yoga accessible and available to many folks who would not otherwise have access, but you are also participating in right livelihood for our highly qualified and committed teachers and supporting us in calling the yoga industry to task on this issue. Thank you.  

We look forward to seeing you on August 7th! Once again, from the depths of our beings, thank you!