Five Principles of Abundance--and a FREE Gift!

Do you know someone who could use 15 minutes of upliftment, connection, peace or play?  Send them this short partner practice video, created in gratitude for the big gift made this last week by a beloved community member. 

In sharing, you'll be a partner in helping us widen the circle of abundance, which, if you've been coming to class with me this week, you know it's what's on my mind! 

It’s just EVERYTHING.  No literally, abundance is simply EVERYTHING that is already present within and around you; the thing that the yogis turned inward and discovered; the thing that the un-inhibited child knows implicitly about her magical world; the thing that, once we wake up to the presence of, even if the awareness lasts just a moment or a season, we are left irrevocably changed.  

Though we have been primed by a consumerist world and survivalist mind to believe we are in constant need of MORE in order to feel safe/loved/good enough, consider the possibility of a world where we just trusted and were committed to living as if we were and had everything we needed.  When we are already full, and live from that place of fullness, there is no other direction for the flow of love and life to go but out, back into the world that is desperate to remember that it is loved.

On the organizational scale, there are five principals we’ve been playing and practicing with in the cultivation of the experience of abundance, deeply informed by the work of a dear teacher and visionary, Lynn Twist (who we talk more about on our most recent episodes of the podcast!).  I’ve been so excited to share them with you!  Take a read:

  1. SUFFICIENCY: We already have everything we need and we are exactly as we need to be to take the next step on our unfolding journey towards the full expression of who we are.
  2. TRUST: The Universe/Spirit/Source (not money, clients, any particular person or thing) is our Source of Abundance.  Also, we trust that people are inherently good and want to make a difference in the world.
  3. FLOW: We participate as conduits in the flow of giving and receiving that keeps alive and vibrant the ecosystem of our planet family.
  4. COMMONALITY: We are inherently one.   There are no “poor” people or “rich” people.  We all experience poverty and abundance in different ways.  There are resource-rich people who experience spiritual/emotional poverty.  There are resource-poor people who have a wealth of spiritual/emotional abundance.
  5. NURTURANCE: When we practice fully appreciating and taking care of what we have, what we have expands.  From that expanded place, we have greater capacity to give.  When we give from the place of fullness and expansion, we can recognize ourselves as the source of that which we seek.

Our commitment to a mindset, framed with these principles, is giving us so much freedom right now to just enjoy the journey.  (Maybe you've been following us on social media, and wondering if we're enjoying ourselves a little too much...and if you haven't been, get over there.  You're missing out on gems like this:

If you GIVE BIG, you too could be so magnanimously thanked.  So far, in the first week of our Give Big Month, we’ve raised over $5000, 1/5th of the way to our goal of $25,000! (If your tracking through our online platform, it shows a little less than that because there were some donations that came through our website and in person).  

Now here’s how you can help give big, dear community, on this Day 8 of Giving: be a partner in helping us widen the circle. 

Each Friday until Yoga in the Park, we’ll be sharing with you something free and fantastic that YOU can share with your people.  We want them to know the joy, peace and purpose that is possible through the love, connection and mutual healing that yoga inspires.  Think of 5 people in your life that could use some upliftment, connection, peace or play—and send them this short and sweet Partner Yoga routine that Vania and I created!  This routine is both a thank you to our friend Liz, and is in itself another way of giving back to you, our dear friends and partners in this work.  It is also a way of widening the circle of accessibility and care to folks who might not ever make it to the studio, but who might share our vision for an abundantly just, peaceful and healthy community and future for our world.

And there's more where that came from!  So enjoy, share, and stay tuned!

Love, unconditionally,