In the midst of a conversation I was having with Kate last year, while I was serving as Board President, I wondered aloud what it might look like to shift our fundraising strategy. What would it look like to focus our fundraising energy all into one short season? What would it look like to set a goal and commit to raising that amount in a specific amount of time, and not make any more asks the rest of the year? (I mean, if Ira Glass and NPR can do it, why can't we, right?) And what might it look like if we were having a blast doing it? What if raising money to fulfill our mission and vision could be yet another way we fulfill our mission and vision? That is to say, what if we raised funds in a way that was joyful, peaceful, purposeful and that helped to inspire connection, love, and mutual healing?

Well, we're about to see what that might look like. For the next thirty days we will offer thirty ways for you to join us in the fulfillment of our mission. These will range from opportunities to share great (hilarious, fun, helpful, inspiring) content helping to increase our visibility, to donating money to fund our specific programs, to joining us at Yoga in the Park (and lots of other ways in between). 

Our Give Big Month, which culminates with our big annual celebration in Wright Park, is more than a fundraising campaign, though. It is an invitation to you, our community, to reallocate your resources of time, energy, and money towards love, towards healing, towards the co-creation of this space that we hold for people to experience choice in their bodies, to be seen and held in wholeness, and to experience reciprocity and connection. 

We'll be keeping you up-to-date on our progress here on the blog and on Instagram and Facebook. You can also track where we are here, which is also where you go to donate.

Our very first ask of you comes now: please share, widely and often! 

With love + excitement,