Small Miracles of Connectivity

I was sitting quietly. The class was lying in savasana.  I was preparing in my mind to awaken folks, as I often do, by singing a chant.  As I sat there, though, on this day, I heard a little voice.

It said—Sing That Song.  

That Song the Voice referred to was a little number that had come through me a few days prior. 

I’d been asking the Universe for a song to share with my women’s group, and had had words to another song that Vania had brought home from a conference running through my head.  The song was about being a seed sown in the soil of God’s Love.  It was kind of child-like, and pretty fresh.  I'd been shy to teach it to my group,

So on this particular morning, where I would usually have sung perhaps a simple Om Shanti or the Gayatri mantra, the Voice said—Sing That Song.

I felt scared, immediately.  

Sidebar: I had heard a spectacular speech in a few months back given by a woman who described this moment of fear before making the choice to act as the surge of the creative impulse saying LET ME OUT!  It is the rush of electrical current needed to plug oneself back into the greater flow of the creative force.  It’s the rapid build of energy that we need to push into new territory, to do something we’ve never done before.  It’s the creative life force within us wanting to join back up with the bigger current of Creation.  It’s a function of our inner wiring for connectivity.  

So I sang the song.

Afterwards, a student came up and asked me to sing it again for her.  Turns out she’d been tasked with finding a song to teach at a workshop she was co-facilitating.  When we’d sat in meditation during class, she had put the intention out for the song to come to her.  And apparently, it came!  She recorded me singing the song, and taught it to 200 people as part of an anti-oppression workshop that following week.  When she told me how she intended to use the song, something inside me relaxed into knowing I was part of something bigger--as if that was the true reason this song had come through.


Or coincidence, if you must, but I’m inclined to think magic--or the work of Spirit, or yoga in action—and the growing norm as I deepen into my own practice of trusting my inner voice that’s directing me ever closer towards unity.  This was a small and sweet example, but one that just made my heart so happy.  What the yogis discovered written on the map of the body, within the intricacy of the breath and under the subtlest layers of the mind-stuff was this: we are connected by a vast current of love.  And the journey of those who seek is like that of a drop of water, flowing back to the ocean, pulled by gravity, merging with other drops which quickens the pace and cushions the bumps along the way.  

Get quiet and feel your feet on the earth.  Notice your breath.  Though you live in a seemingly singular physical body, though you may be experiencing isolation, creative block, or any range of human experiences that make one feel small and separate, you are hard-wired for connection.  You are in the constant pulse of giving and receiving.  We may (and I think often!) have no idea the impact we are having right at this moment.  But keep a close listening ear—where’s the divine creative current calling you back into her flow?

Oh and p.s: if you want to hear the song, and a bonus sneak peak of some upcoming happenings, check it out here~ it's a good one for kiddos too!