Dear friends, near and far:

Vania and her family will be leaving late Monday night for Cannon Ball, North Dakota.  After many recent weeks of watching the Water Protectors stand in prayerful gaurdianship over their sacred lands, and many recent days of prayerful discernment, she is responding to the call to go stand in support and solidarity with them.  

I know this last year has been one of growth and experimentation, and we’ve particularly been testing our voice as advocates for transformation not just at the personal or interpersonal level—but at the institutional level as well.

We do this from the guiding values of justice and equity, two of many named by our Board, and our commitment to trauma-awareness.  The first tier of our work is as a sacred healing space for people of any or no means to practice knowing and loving themselves through yoga, awareness, and community, AND it became apparent that we could only get so far addressing trauma at the individual level if we were not addressing systemic oppression and the ways trauma disproportionately affects certain groups of people based on race, gender, physical/mental ability, age, and other aspects of identity that are marginalized within a white-supremest patriarchal world.  

We ask for your prayers for the safety of Vania, Nathan, Beatrix and Elden as they travel, and also that they may be of use to the sacred work of the Protectors, who, we believe, are standing not just for the protection of their own water source, but for the dignity of indigenous peoples everywhere, and the healing of our relationship to Mother Earth and between all her people.  

Cash donations are being accepted, or consider making a donation towards the Sacred Stone camp or purchasing something from their wishlist

With love,