January Newsletter: Words for a New Year

Dear friends,

In the weeks prior to each new year, I go on a word hunt.  I read. I listen.  I meditate.  I'm on the lookout for those words that spark something.  Words that make me excited about the coming year.  Words that put a glimpse of light in an otherwise dark mood or season.  Words that feel like a good stretch that my whole body and being are really ready for.  As I approached 2016, these two came through really clearly:


These words are inspiring me in real time to imagine the world I desire to live into, and to allow a co-created delightful future of infinite possibility pull me towards it.  They also are helping me catch myself when I get to feeling overly serious or sorry for myself (yes, that certainly happens to me sometimes.  Fortunately, I got Star Wars temporary tattoos in my Christmas stocking, which are now in my Take-A-Break Basket in my office at SKY.  So that should also help).  

What words are inspiring your New Year?  Maybe "health" "vitality", "grace", "rest", "exploration", "forgiveness"?  However you are being guided on your path, we hope we can offer a safe space of support, comfort and inspiration.

I invite you to check out this month's amazing offerings, and to consider where they might line up with your own desires, dreams and priorities of the new year. 

Needing rest and rejuvenation after hectic holiday season? Join Megan Zaback and I for Soothe Your Soul, a delightful co-creative experience of soothing movement and sound healing this Saturday (and if you don't have your Words of 2016 yet, this would be a good place to get them!) 

Seeking growth or new wisdom as a yoga teacher or clinician?  We're super happy to partner with the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute for the first-ever-in-the-Pacific Northwest Trauma Sensitive Yoga Immersion for Yoga Teachers and Clinicians, taught by our own Morgan Vanderpool (Curious? Watch this.).

Maybe your vision of 2016 simply involves moving your body with more consistent practice?  You'll be glad to know that there are a number of new classes on the schedule, including a short Lunchtime Yoga, Yoga for Healing, and monthly i-Rest Yoga Nidra--so come on in.

We'd love to know what words are helping you ring in the new year!  Let us know in the comments below (where you'll also find my final three words of inspiration for 2016, and how I'm implementing them)!

Blessings and renewal,