September Newsletter: Happy Birthday to Us!

You know these ladies, right?  They are our Co-Founders, Pamela Higley and Vania Kent Harber. They might look a little different than you know them now--that's because this photo was taken five years ago this month, just before before they opened Tacoma's only non-profit yoga studio, with a mission to make yoga accessible and available to people of all incomes and abilities(Check out this 2 minute video of them sharing the magic words that inspired their serendipitous start!)

The 15th of September marks our anniversary. 

Happy Birthday To Us! 

Here's how we're celebrating:

1.  GRATITUDES:  In tremendous thanksgiving for you, our community, for five years of love, healing, and commitment, we are happy to share with you a FREE Week of Yoga.  Bring your friends.  And your friends friends (join the the Facebook event here, and invite from there!) 

2.  STORY-TELLINGS: We also want to give you the chance to hear the story of our origin from the mouths of our wise and wonderful founding mothers.  Join us on September 19th, 1-3pm, to hear the full story, share a gentle practice, and to find out what we're up to now to heal the bodies, minds and hearts of our whole community.  (Also a FREE event, but please RSVP by e-mailing us.)

3.  JOYFUL NOISEMAKINGSRob and Melissa, yogis and musical artists, will be leading us in Kirtan (call-and-response chanting, no singing experience/ability required!) also Saturday, September 19th.  Get your tickets by donation here.

4.  OPPORTUNITY SHARING:  You may have read about our Annual Membership Anniversary Special in August's newsletter; but we are realizing that monthly memberships are still out of the reach of many of our current and would-be students.  So here's the deal: If we get 200 people to sign up for 1 year commitment of auto-paid monthly memberships, we can offer the memberships at only $50 per month.  We're talking strength-in-numbers here: we need all 200 people to say YES to make this amazingly affordable price to be available to everyone.

How can we afford to make an offer like this?  And why?  Here's why: because two weeks ago, I had a new student with severe arthritis and chronic pain, healing from two spinal surgeries and a long-ago ankle break.  This student has been on disability for the past seven years.  His doctor recommended yoga, and after his first class he asked: "If I can only afford to come to class once a week, which class would be better: Gentle or Restorative?" 

The answer is: BOTH. 

We are constantly in discernment about all aspects of our organization, and holding the pieces up to the measure of our mission.  Affordable yoga that still affords us enough to keep the lights on--we're constantly adjusting to find that place of equilibrium!  This is our newest adjustment: so if you want to be one of those 200 people committing for the next year, both to your own practice, to affordable memberships for your peers, friends, and strangers, and to the ongoing thriving of our whole yoga community through affordable accessible yoga, e-mail us and say: "YES!  I want to be a Monthly Auto-Paying Member for 2015-2016!"  Full details of the special are available here.

May all beings be well, happy, free of suffering, and at peace~