August Newsletter: A Life of Purpose

Are you:

Just going through the motions of life?
Sensing that there is “something more”?
Feeling disconnected from a sense of purpose?
Desiring spiritual community?
Desiring to make a meaningful difference in the world?

I have always been motivated by questions such as these.  Yoga has helped.  About five years ago, in my post-college years, after having just left a 9-month stint at a retreat center in the north Cascades, I was living in Seattle, working a random job, and feeling completely lost.  I started doing yoga literally every day (sometimes twice a day!).  I'm not saying that that was completely healthy--but it was the only place I experienced relief from the pressing anxieties of wondering who I was, where I belonged, and if there was more for me in the world. 

There was no Yellow Brick Road.  I just kept practicing, following the questions, experimenting with saying Yes, and envisioning the world I wanted to live in and leave to my children. 

Fast-forward to now: my every day is neck-deep in Yoga, in various forms, as a method of personal healing and social change.  I did not realize until I landed here that what I had sought for so long was this unification: where pursuing my own peace and well-being both intrinsically contributed to and motivated my work to peace and justice in the world at large. 

Here at SKY, we strive towards there being no separation between the personal discipline of yoga and our commitment to service, equity, and justice. 

We share this personal practice of healing not only for the bodies and minds of individuals.  That happens, yes--and such healing can't help but prompt us and provide us with the stamina, strength and means to work towards mending the collective fabric of our community. 

This is why I am so excited to be sharing with you SKY's first ever home-and-mission-based retreat: Peace is the Way: An Urban Immersion of Yoga, Service and Community.

In this non-residential weekend experience (which means you sleep in your own bed), you will get:

  • Peace, renewal and strength of body, mind and heart
  • Friendship and connection to other like-minded people
  • Connection to and opportunity to serve others in our rich and diverse Tacoma community
  • A healthy balance of self-care and care for others
  • Insight, clarity and inspired action regarding your own call to service
  • Two delicious evening meals
  • Daily yoga, meditation and chanting practices
  • Time for reflection, conversation and group exercises
  • Two outreach partner community service site visits

What could it be like to live a rich, healthy and integrated life, in community with others, making a difference? 

We want to walk with you to find out.