November Newsletter: Gratitudes


Hello friends!  We at Samdhana-Karana Yoga have so many reasons to give thanks.  Here's our current top 7 things of what we are grateful for:

1.  Our Partners in Healing: the incredible team effort of 181 amazing yogis who said YES to a 1-year commitment of $50/month for unlimited yoga--so that EVERYONE can have this amazing opportunity.  If you haven't already joined the Partnership, check it out here.  With the Partnership well underway, check out our revised (affordable!) pricing scheme here

2.  Sister Studio Support for Yoga Scholarships! A big big thanks to Source Yoga for committing to a Partners in Healing Scholarship Fund!  Combined funds from Source and numerous individuals is allowing us to provide 12 full Partners in Healing Scholarships.

We are so glad to have already been able to underwrite yoga scholarships for a handful of our community members with financial need.  We'll be reaching out to our partner service providers to connect to a more diverse array of folks who could use this kind of support.  If you or someone you know has a sincere desire to practice but is facing financial hardship, click here!

3.  The Harvest Luncheon, our beautiful new fall event that took place on November 1st; our dauntless planning team; and all those who attended and gave.  We raised over $6,000!  All with ease, fun, delicious food and delightful company. 

4.  Move to Tacoma, the sweet sponsor of the Harvest Luncheon and slick local-loving website for all things Tacoma.

5.  The Yogic Habits (on and off the mat) that keep us balanced!  You know, like tongue-scraping!  Intrigued?  Come to Pamela's workshop this Sunday: Daily Rhythms for Balanced Living.

6.  Awesome community partners--like Yoga Behind Bars, with whom we are joining for the 4th year in a row for Gratitude in Motion.  ALL classes Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday-Sunday) are by donation, and all proceeds benefit YBB's work to bring yoga to women, men and youth who are incarcerated. 

7.  Sacred Space of Mutual Healing--such as that described by our co-founder and board president Vania Kent Harber in her newest article published in Yoga International!

What makes your list?  Leave a comment below to let us know!

With love,

Kate and the SKY Family