October Newsletter: What do you want to know?

Hi SKY Family!

Just got 3 minutes?  Watch this.

Got 3 more minutes?  Read on:

Vania and I started a new program last month--our Fundamentals of Yoga program.  As a teacher, it was probably the most fun I've had in a long time--and that's saying something, because I love teaching!  

Want to know the secret ingredient?  Here it is: QUESTIONS.

See, we decided that we wanted the program to be a place where students--new or long-timers--could be in conversation with each other and with us about their own exploration in their bodies.  So things got a little radical.  We slowed down.  We tried a pose or a movement this way and then that way.  We said "consider doing it this way" and then said "how does that feel?"  

And the amazing part was this: students spoke up!  Turns out, you have a LOT going on in that inquisitive mind of yours while we're up at the teachers mat waxing on about who knows what anymore.  And I'm finding it was so satisfying to actually teach to what our students were wanting to know!  Fancy that. 

This has been a perfect example of one of the core values that our Board selected last spring: reciprocity.  Or in other words, the mutually enriching experience when engaged people come together as equals to explore and relate to each other.  Sure, there's a certain role I play as the teacher and you as the student.  I am holding the container, and I can suggest a direction of exploration, ask open questions, and reflect observations back to you--but I'm certain that you are still the expert of what it's like to be in your body.  

So we want to know: what do YOU want to know about?  What are the questions you've always had but felt shy to ask?  Where should my front foot be in pigeon?  Why do my wrists always hurt in down dog and what can I do about it?  And what exactly is savasana for anyway?

We also have a few other questions for you--so we invite you to fill out this 3-minute survey so that we can get to know you better--plus, everyone who fills it out gets a free class and a free guest pass!

After that, watch this 3-minute video (if you didn't already watch it at the beginning) of our Board President and Co-Founder, Vania Kent Harber sharing an incredible story that helps to answer a current big question circulating in the SKY community: Why should I become a Partner in Healing?  (For more details on our Partners in Healing Offer--$50 a month for unlimited yoga, WHEN we get 200 people to commit for the next year--read below or click here.  And do it quick, because the offer ends October 15th.)

In love and service,