Episode 025: "There is zero chance they won't think that's creepy."

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Welcome to episode 25, Vania's last! Two of the new co-directors chat with her about how she's feeling through the transition of this unexpected move to Germany (spoiler: she's overwhelmed) and the three answer a really great question during Ask a Yogi about uncertified yoga teachers, they share another Sign of the Yogapocalypse, and each reflect on the last time they read the book of Revelations. Yup. Enjoy and get ready for the next episode which will feature all four new horsefolk! 

Episode 024: "F#$%&*g up in new and spectacular ways."

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Welcome to episode 24 with two of our new horsefolk, Tawni and Michelle. We talk about Charlottesville, how to respond as individuals and as a community, how to hold space for folks of color without letting white folks off the hook, and more. We also answer a question from Ask a Yogi and share a new Sign of the Yogapocalypse. 

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Episode 022: "Yoga or Yogurt?"

Welcome to episode 21 of the podcast! We were joined by Craig O'Hanlon (aka First Spouse) and we had a conversation about what it looks like to be a Mindful Gym, and how Ayurveda and Yoga have influenced the way he approaches his work. We also talked about whether or not yoga is "good" for you and shared about Unfold Yoga Studio in Portland, OR.  Enjoy!

Episode 021: "These are some dark times, man."

Welcome to episode 22 of the podcast! Vania was all by her lonesome in the studio this time, talking into the void. She shares her story of coming to Yoga,  attempts to answer the question of "why give to SKY", talks about the difference between curing and healing, and has a surprise guest at the very end! Exciting!

Episode 020: "Oh s*!t, this is a very white industry."

Welcome to episode 20 of the podcast! We were joined by Hien Hong and we had a conversation about being a woman of color in a white-dominated industry, spiritual bypass, and shared about the important work happening over at RaceAndYoga. Enjoy!

Episode 019: "For some reason I've let it become logistically complicated in my life."

Welcome to episode 19! We are joined by local artist Robby Kunkle, creator of the mobile that hangs in our studio. We talk about mobiles, discarded items, balance, movement, art, inclusion, fizzy drinks before meditation, and so many other things! (Also you'll hear Vania making a lot of hilarious listening sounds... hmmm, ahhhh, uh huh...you get it.)

Show notes:

Philadelphia Printworks

Rivers and Tides

Jean-Jacques Gabriel

Episode 018: "I thought if I just bought that shirt I would feel super empowered!"

Welcome to episode 18! We are very excited to welcome SKY's co-founder, Pamela Higley, to the podcast! Pamela and Vania talk about empowerment, tapping into our inner fire, Ayurveda, daily practice, and rave about our Sign of the Yogapocalypse, the Yoga Service Counsel.

Show notes:

Pamela Higley Yoga

Yoga Service Counsel

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training

Honey Mama's Chocolate

Episode 017: "The Buddha wouldn't be down with that."

Welcome to episode 17 with very special guest Greg Owen - local artist, yogi, admin of the Hot Shop Heroes project, and emcee at the Museum of Glass hot shop (a position formerly held by our producer Doug!). We talk about justice, common sense, politics, what our brains are up to during meditation, and other stuff, all while Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" plays through Vania's head. 

Show notes:

Hot Shop Heroes

Museum of Glass

Kate Werning Yoga

Episode 016: "Because consumerism and patriarchy and all the other systems I regularly rail against..."

Welcome to episode 16 in which we talk about diversity, class, and how it shows up in the yoga world. (And admit we've barely scratched the surface of this topic.) We answer a question about the connection between yoga and social justice and we talk about just how much we really want a Mindful Moment room in ALL spaces. Plus consumerism, patriarchy ... you know the drill. 

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Show notes:

Mindful Moment Room

Episode 015: "A very long-winded horse."

Welcome to episode 15! We talk about another of our core values: service. How do we practice service in a way that does not reinforce a hierarchy between giver and receiver of service? We stumble our way through that conversation, then answer a question about our outreach work, then finish up with yet another sign of the Yogapocalypse. 

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Show notes:


Episode 014: "We're doing eye-gazing which is really good for radio."

Welcome to episode 14! In this episode we talk about one of our organizational values: community. We hear how community has been present for Kate as she takes a leave of absence, how Vania's doing with that, suggestions (or a lack thereof) for maintaining a daily practice, and we hear about a Happiness Committee at a place of work! WHAT?! So great. 

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Episode 013: "Sorry to tell you, you're not going to relax."

Lucky episode 13! We were joined in the studio by none other than Erin Joosse, co-founder and owner of Source Yoga. We talk about MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), spiritual bypass, and our unique collaborative relationship. 

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Show notes:


Source Yoga

Episode 012: "I always forget we can swear!"

Welcome to Episode 12! Well, it's November so you know what that means - mandatory gratitude! In this episode we have a very special guest who shares with us how, as a veteran living with the effects of trauma, yoga and other meditation practices have helped him to experience gratitude. We also discuss trauma-awareness in yoga studios, a new book about the history of Yoga, and a reimagining of goddesses across traditions as modern-day badass feminists. 

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Show notes:

The Path of Modern Yoga: The History of an Embodied Spiritual Practice

Goddesses as Modern Day Feminists

Episode 011: "Was I supposed to be staying centered?"

Welcome to episode 11! In this episode we talk about how we stay centered during this polarizing election season, what teachers do during savasana, and yet another Sign of the Yogapocalypse. We also get really formal and fancy, using our full names. 

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Show notes:

voteWELL Campaign

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training


Episode 010 - "Did we start the recording?" (Bonus LIVE episode from Yoga in the Park)

This picture was NOT taken during the live recording. We just like it. 

This picture was NOT taken during the live recording. We just like it. 

Welcome to our bonus LIVE episode from our annual fundraiser Yoga in the Park! With special guest, Michelle, our board president. It was a great day of community and love. The weather was perfect and we had a blast. In this episode we wonder, Is the world falling apart? And if so, what's yoga got to do with it? We answer a question from an active duty military person about teaching yoga to her fellow men and women in uniform, and another exciting sign of the Yogapocalypse. Enjoy!

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Samdhana-Karana Yoga

Episode 009 - "Snort number one, noted."

Welcome to episode 9! While we're taking a break this week, enjoy this incredibly laughter-filled episode in which we discuss how we recharge and renew, whether or not Vania is an outdoorsy person, and how we are high on life. Plus, not one but two signs of the Yogapocalypse!

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Article in Decolonizing Yoga

Episode 008 - "If we're not a sign of the Yogapocalypse, then what are we doing?!."

Welcome to Episode 8! We're nearing the culmination of the our Give Big season and Yoga in the Park is coming up very soon! In this episode we talk about our commitment to practicing in community, the White Savior Complex, the meaning of OM, and social movement ecology.

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This is an Uprising

Samdhana-Karana Yoga


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