PARTNERS in healing

Our most affordable, accessible offer yet: As a Partner, not only do YOU get unlimited Yoga for $50/month, when you commit to a year of auto-payments; your commitment also keeps this possibility alive for EVERYONE. 

In October 2015, we enrolled an enthusiastic cohort of nearly 200 pioneering yogis who made a 1-year commitment to monthly auto-deducted contributions of $50-$100.  Because of their YES, we are now able to offer unlimited classes for only $50 per month, if you commit to auto-deducted payments for 1 year.* 

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This amazing price will allow you to:

  • Attend Unlimited Classes for a Year
  • Bring 12 guests to class with you over the year
  • Enrich your health, vitality, and peace of mind with consistent yoga practice
  • Be immersed in the SKY Community
  • Help others have an affordable, accessible place to practice yoga

Please note: the studio will be closed July 30th-August 5th; and December 25th-31st to give staff some rest and rejuvenation.  Thank you for helping to support our own nourishment, through which we will be more capable of serving and supporting you! 

Can you give more than $50/month to help a community member with financial need?  Click here to contribute to the Partners in Healing Scholarship Fund at $15, $25, $35, $45, or $55 per month.

Can't quite make $50/month work, but have a sincere desire to practice?  Click here to apply for financial assistance. 

*By submitting your first payment, you are committing to the full one year of monthly payments, whether or not you are attending classes, unless you have specifically made other arrangements with us.  That said, we know that life circumstances can change in a moment, and we would never want your Partnership to become a burden.  If you become a Partner in Healing and experience extenuating circumstances, we ask for 60 days' written notice to de-activate your auto-payment.