Board of Directors

Alisa O'Hanlon, Board president

I am from riding the school bus to McCarver, afraid to sit with the big kids in the back, and the bus monitor waking me on the ride home so I don't miss my stop.

Kumusta? My grandma greets me on the city bus. 

What's she saying? Who IS that? My high school friends query.

I am from rice, and Vienna sausages, and wanting mashed potatoes because they're a special treat, not to mention my favorite! (next to ice cream)

I'm from a dad who's dark skin startles my friends, or maybe I'm just self conscious about fitting in. 

I'm from two boxes - picking one denies a whole line of my family tree. 

I'm from out running the boys, but not allowed to walk alone;

From not being asked to be the bat girl, and defiantly refusing to clear the table if the boys don't too. 

I'm from privilege - my daddy bought me a car, a house, a college education -

And I'm from a white sorority, but also the one that takes all the Asians. 

I'm from the comfort of the custom of patriarchy and at the same time fiercely trying to stand on my own two feet and shout with my own voice.

In the end, I am from brothers who remind me I am from my mother who I will become.

Nancy Wright, Treasurer

Nancy brings her passion for community service to SKY, along with administrative, financial, and budgeting experience in both the private and the public sector.  She currently works full-time for the City of Tacoma. Nancy started her yoga journey in 2005. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, she knows the value of a yoga practice and meditation in developing holistic mind, body and spiritual health. She recently completed her 200HR YTT certification with Pamela Higley Yoga right here at SKY.







Susan Jensen, Secretary

Susan Jensen has completed more than thirty years as a public lawyer.  She serves on the City of Tacoma Ethics Commission and previously served two terms on the Pierce County Board of Ethics.  She intends to bring her passion for justice to SKY’s Board of Directors.