Dates: 6 weeks, negotiable between mentor and mentee

Sliding scale: $225-$300 for six weeks

Are you a yoga teacher with a desire to share yoga with people who might typically lack access to it?  Want to contribute to amazing outreach programs already happening in the SKY community?  This mentorship is designed to help yoga teachers develop competency and confidence teaching to vulnerable populations.  Over the 6 weeks, participants will shadow, co-teach, and guest teach one or more of SKY’s outreach classes according to the interests of the participant and the needs of the studio. SKY partners with L’arche Tahoma Hope, Mother Earth Farm, Nativity House, the Rainbow Center, Mercy Housing, New Tacoma Apartments, and Comprehensive Life Resources to fulfill its mission of sharing yoga and the healing it inspires with all people who want to practice it. 

What you'll get:

    Ease and confidence in teaching a basic yoga class

    Skill in sequencing, theming and speaking in your own voice

    Strong relationships with the SKY teaching community through which to give and get support

    Strong personal practice and awareness as the grounding to teach to whomever shows up

    Clarity in your yoga teaching desires

    Readiness and sensitivity in teaching to diverse populations

    Qualifies you for the possibility to be selected as a volunteer teacher at a SKY Outreach Partner location/Sunday community class

What's Included:

    Attendance to 1 drop-in class per week

    Mentor teachers are available to communicate via e-mail and check in 15 minutes prior to class

    The first two classes attended must be observed.  After that, teachers may be called upon to assist, make adjustments, or teach a portion of the class, as agreed upon prior to the class.

    Shadowing at outreach locations in the course of the month.

    Attendance to Teaching Yoga to Vulnerable Populations workshop (offered bi-annually--this plus the mentorship are required to be considered for an outreach teaching position)

    One-time wrap-up one-on-one session with your mentor teacher


    Completion of a 200 hour yoga teacher training

    Commitment to a 30-day contemplative practice of participant’s design with a journal

    Student-teachers must notify the mentor teacher at least 24 hours in advance of attendance.

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