What?  A non-profit yoga studio? 

That's right.  Because we know from experience that life gets a little rocky sometimes.  We also believe, though, that everyone has the innate ability to heal--to experience joy, peace, and wholeness in their own body and self. 

That's why we are committed to making yoga affordable and accessible to people of all incomes and abilities.  All are welcome here.

I have seen chubby, skinny, young, old, male, female, different races & ethnicities all at SKY...and everyone is welcome in a genuine way.

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Never Done Yoga?

Or just getting back into it?  Worried about being inflexible? Working with an injury? 

No problem.  We've got yoga for all bodies, and for us it's about practice--not perfection. 

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Done some yoga?

Great!  Thanks for checking us out!  You're about to join a really awesome, all-inclusive Yoga family.

We have a wide variety of teachers and classes for you to try.  Come as you are!

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